We’re HERE!

We’ve arrived safe & sound. We’ve been so busy all day that I’m just able to write now. So many firsts today…For one, most of us have never been overseas. We learned to ride the TUBE, we learned that in England, we need to look left when crossing the street not right, we learned about teamwork when we count off at every point to make sure we don’t lose anyone, we’ve learned that we can go & go all day on only two hours sleep. We rode the London Eye and had a tour of the city. We visited the Tower of London & some of us saw the crowned jewels! We even rode a double decker bus. So much packed into one day.
I need to get the logistics to share pix…as I took them on the IPhone which I don’t have Wi-fi for (but I’ll figure it out…stay tuned!
For now, know that we are safe and having a great time already!




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