California: HERE WE COME!

movie magic


Seven days until departure for Hollywood, California. I’m traveling, through E.F.Tours again, to a behind-the-scenes-in-Hollywood, Movie Magic tour with eighteen students (my daughter included) and two of my very good friends, Michelle & Diann, as co- tour leaders. We will spend 5 nights/6 days in Los Angeles in a jam-packed, whirlwind adventure.

I am particularly excited for this trip for a few reasons. Admittedly, I am star-struck and love all things film-related which is one of the reasons Michelle and I decided to write the curriculum for a Reading Literature/ Reading Film course — the inspiration for this trip, one that we took for the first time, seven years ago. We have added some new items to this year’s itinerary and kept some old favorites. Another reason for my excitement is the group of kids we’re taking with us this year: such a fun and energetic group. Not to mention, that this year will probably be the last tour my daughter will be part of since she’s a senior, so it’s a little bittersweet for me, personally. And lastly, we will be meeting up with some CHS alumni, some of whom traveled with us the first time we took this journey. I always love catching up with former students. The really interesting thing about these students, though, is that they are all in the industry in some capacity or another. They are coming together to host a panel discussion for us about their journeys– the highs and the lows.

Every time I travel with students, I want to provide them with the most our destination has to offer. I take great pride in the careful planning so that it is filled with not only fun and engaging activities, but also so the students can take away from our trip as a whole real life lessons, experiences and understanding that will alter their thinking somehow which inevitably affects the trajectory of their future.

Stay tuned, as I will blog daily about our experiences including photos as well as commentary– a day-to-day run through of what we accomplish and what we will always want to remember.


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