Delayed Start… and already making memories

MM ready to leave

One of the best lessons I learned through traveling with groups is that flexibility & patience are essential. Unfortunately, this group of travelers got a crash course in this lesson before we even left the ground. And, no, we still haven’t left, yet. Mother Nature reared her snowy white head in an endless chain of wind only to stutter our plans. Our new plan for take-off is tomorrow, and it’s safe to say we are all over-ready for our journey to begin.

MM storm1

News of our flight cancellation came early Saturday as CT found itself on the fringe of a Blizzard. The next 24 hours would be filled with countless phone calls, text messages and emails to and from EF Explore America, the agency with whom we are traveling, consultants, our tour guide, students, parents and teachers. First, I have to reiterate that one of the reasons I continue to travel with EF is for their outstanding support and level of accommodation. The staff worked incredibly hard through the re-planning of our trip, through many scenarios to choose the best option for us and a successful tour in L.A.. I am also extremely impressed by the ability of our group of travelers to remain optimistic and patient– this demonstrates what a great group they are, and I’m excited to be traveling with them.

MM email 1

text collage copy

MM email 3

I couldn’t allow the opportunity to document some of this to become overlooked, as it will be etched in our memory of this adventure. I am a believer that everything works out for the best; further, I’m convinced that the delay of this trip will open us up to experiences we wouldn’t have otherwise had if we left on schedule.

Our travelers are already being flexible. As we are all a little bummed that we won’t be seeing these guys at a live TV taping of the Conan Show.

MM conan

However, we will, NOW, be in L.A. for this!


… so we are hoping for some STAR SIGHTINGS!


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