Venice: We’re Here

After a long day of travel (flight delayed and I swear those plane seats are shrinking because there is no leg room for me & I’m under 5′!), we arrived at Marco Polo Airport in Venice!

The airport itself was the most chaotic airport I’ve ever been to, but the people and signs were helpful. They led us to our water taxi for a 1.5 hour ride that dropped us off in front of our hotel.

We saw the splendor of Venice & noted along the way some of the locations we want to wander through before we leave.

Finally, we arrived at our hotel which is just beautiful! The Hilton Stucky Molino. This is our view.

I already love it here. We took a stroll around & found some cool places, a lot of alley ways — now, I know why everyone warned me to embrace getting lost in Venice.

After a light & quiet dinner, we’re ready to catch up on some sleep because we have a lot of ground to cover tomorrow.

Buona Notte (ps…everyone speaks English when I really want to learn Italian!)


2 thoughts on “Venice: We’re Here

  1. What a great blog. I am so glad that you love Venice! Don’t forget to see The Bridge of Sighs . I loved your pictures….keep them coming. I am so happy for you and Anthony….have fun…make memories that you will have for your lifetime! Chao!

  2. So glad I am still on this link from the London trip! Looks amazing…and I am sooooo jealous. Eat, drink & be merry! Chao Bella

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