Lost in Venice

Flying into Italy, the first thing you notice are all of the canals. I’ve never seen so many & we explored many of them today.

We boarded the water taxi early to the San Marco stop. St. Mark’s Square is vast and outline with buildings & shops & outdoor cafes. Jutting off the square itself are little alley ways to explore.

Pigeons everywhere & they are friendly!

Next, I checked an item off my bucket list: a gondola ride under the Bridge of Sighs. We enjoyed listening to our captain talk in Italian the whole ride. What a beautiful language. I’m picking up some words like il conto & bagno. I was excited to see the Bridge of Sighs because I saw England’s in Oxford. I’m going to hang photographs of both side by side when I get home.

The first of our daily selfies.

We worked up an appetite. Next check: pizza, tiramisu & cappucino in St. Mark’s Square.

Next item & first tour. A City Wonders tour of Murano & Burano with the lovely (&talkative Emanuela). She loved me immediately b/c “you are Italiano” but she was disappointed I speak better Spanish than Italian. We met a lovely couple on tour from North Carolina. She is an artist. Check out her work @ pamdittloff.com.

First stop Murano where we learned about glass blowing and saw a demonstration.

The work is gorgeous. I had to buy some items, so I bought beautiful shot glasses for us & each of our children along w/ a blown-glass Christmas ornament.

Our last stop was to Burano, the pearl of Venice. It is a beautiful little island. There we watched Ana, the youngest of the remaining lace makers (@ 90), make lace. Some lace designs take up to 7 women to execute b/c they each have a specialty stitch. This is Ana with Rosetta to her right and Emanuela to her left.

The lace is stunning and expensive. I ended up buying a dining room table runner made of a beautiful floral tapestry as a keepsake from this island.

I loved the quaintness of both islands… so small and with such large character. We head back after a long hot wonderful day to see the sun setting over Venice.


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