I think we saved the best for last!

After waking up early, we caught the train to bring us to Sorrento where we were met by our drive Luigi, a pleasant man who pointed out some sights while we traveled from Naples Terminoli to Sorrento. The first was Mt. Vesuvius.

We arrived at our hotel on top of a mountain, long, curvaceous roads taking us there. The Sorrento Hilton Place, and it really is the best of the hotels we’ve stayed in yet.

Last night, we strolled down to Sorrento square, and I mean DOWN a long steep trek, but we took in some beautiful sights along the water. At dinner, we were serenaded by an Italian singer playing the accordion which reminded us of the man who played at our wedding during cocktail hour.

Walking around Sorrento Square, we saw so many interesting sights. Another village with rows upon rows of steep streets filled with shops and restaurants and the gelato… oh the gelato, so delicious!

We returned back to our room to fireworks off in the distance that we could see so clearly from our balcony. What a beautiful way to end our first night here.

This morning, I woke up to this sunrise.

We took a taxi down to the Sorrento Pier to meet Tonino and our group for our Capri tour. We met alovely family from Portsmouth, UK. We chatted with them quite a bit throughout the day. We set our to our first stop Anacapri (which means on top of Capri). Such a quaint little village high up at the top of the island of Capri. We thoroughly enjoyed taking in the views and shopping. One of their specialties is is very distinct potter you; we bought a set of antipasto plates & number placards for the front of our house. Limoncello is another specialty here. There are many lemon orchards. Frozen limoncello in frozen glasses are a staple at the end of each meal. Next we went down to Capri center… Very upscale shops & more beautiful views!

The icing on the cake today was a tour by boat around the island where we got some up close views of the various grottos not to mention the yachts. OMG, all of the yachts!

The island of Capri is unlike any other destination I’ve ever been to. The water is a translucent green/blue. Again, steep and curvaceous streets and alley ways, something I will never forget of Italy. I’ll definitely be back here, again.



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