Arrivederci, Italy…

Our last day in Italy. It went so fast, but it was everything we dreamed it would be & more. Today, we took a private tour with Vincenzo up the Amalfi coast, stopping in Positano on the way. What a remarkable way to end a magical trip.



This is referred to as the Madonna & child, a naturally formed rock.



Vincenzo stopped frequently to allow us amazing photo opportunities. He also stopped @ the emerald got to so we could take a boat ride through.

Next stop to a 2 Michelin star restaurant, Marina Grande, in Amalfi. It was delicious! The view, right on the water, was spectacular, too!
And more sightseeing. One beautiful sight after another.



This truly was the trip of a lifetime; I will cherish it always. Couldn’t have thought of a better way to celebrate our belated 25th wedding anniversary & our 50th birthdays.. We are blessed to be extending our trip to Paris & London, so stay tuned.

..and just a little food porn that you have, no doubt, been waiting for.

These are some of the amazing places we’ve eaten.



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